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Give your child an experience they will appreciate and remember for a lifetime.

  • A small rural school on the outskirts of Waco where each child is treated as an individual and receives an exemplary education.
  • When considering private schools to meet the needs of your PreK-6 child visit Hallsburg Elementary. Many of those needs can be met and surpassed in a small, rural school environment, tuition free.
  • Exemplary core instruction, building an academic foundation coupled with daily P.E., Music, and recess to develop the whole child.
  • Quality After School Program
  • Convenient location – Take Highway 6 southeast 5 miles from Loop 340, 2 miles northeast on Hallsburg Rd.

Accepting transfers, tuition free. First come first served. Limited seating in each class. Waiting list will be developed when class fills.

Visit campus any time.

Many other programs and activities such as UIL, Field Trips, Rio Brazos Basketball League*, Health Fair, Fine Arts Programs, PE Program, Spring Carnival, Bike Unit, Field Day, Splash Day, Grandparent’s Day, Red Ribbon Week, and more.


"We have seen an incredible change in Bill since starting Hallsburg in January. He really enjoys coming to school now and has taken a sudden interest in the books in his room to read."

"Wanted to thank you so much for notifying me today regarding John's recent behaviors. You have made learning fun for him and I cannot praise you enough for that. The transition has been most beneficial for him."


  • Due to our small size and commitment to the individual child, many compare Hallsburg to a private school but we are a fully accredited public school serving students Kindergarten through the Sixth Grade. Hallsburg has been rated an Exemplary District by TEA since 2009.

  • Yes we do. Yes we do. Hallsburg has had more transfer students than resident students enrolled at times, transferring from as many as eleven different districts. We welcome new friends from all over the area.

  • There is no tuition or transfer fee to attend Hallsburg Elementary School.

  • The school district receives money from the state, determined by the number of students in the district. The district benefits by receiving increased revenue due to increased enrollment.

  • The district does not provide transportation out of the district, but a transfer student is welcome to catch a regular route bus in the district and ride to school or a pick-up destination after school.

  • No. Please review district policy FDA(LOCAL), under the transfer section of our web site. We try to accommodate as many requests as possible but unfortunately, we occasionally have to deny transfer requests.

  • Class sizes vary depending on the grade. We have one class per grade. Our optimum number per class is 18 to 20 students.

  • The cafeteria is open at 7:00 am for early student drop-off. The preferred drop-off time is between 7:15 and 7:20, allowing your child time to eat breakfast and participate in the mileage club before school starts at 7:40.  School is over at 3:15 with RTI and all bus riders dismissing at 3:45 pm. There is a quality after school program that your child can attend for a minimal fee, which will allow you to pick them up anytime from 3:45 to 5:45 pm.

  • Resident students have a choice of attending Mart or Riesel ISD when they finish the 6th grade at Hallsburg. Transportation is provided to both of these districts. Students also have the option to transfer to Axtell or any other district of their choosing if they meet that district’s transfer criteria and they can provide their own transportation. Hallsburg transfer students must go back to their resident district for 7th grade or apply for a transfer elsewhere, but it will not be affiliated with Hallsburg